Gift Card Holder in a Card


This is a card I came up with to combine a gift card holder in a regular-sized (4.25×5.5 inch) A2 card.  I decorated this one for Christmas, but it is really an all-occasion fold.  It starts with an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of cardstock, cut lengthwise into equal halves, 4.25 x 11 inches.  Score along the long side at 2.75 and 5.5 inches.


Watch a video here:

Next, make a notch at the top of the first panel so you can easily remove the gift card.  In the example above, I used a small circle diecut, but I felt a larger notch would be better, so here I used a 2 inch circle punch, centering on the first panel.


Now you’ll adhere the side and bottom of this panel to the next one.  Be sure to use adhesive (Tear-n-tape or Tombow Glue, for example) only on the edge of the side of the panel, but at the bottom, use the adhesive high enough to keep the card up near the top of the card.

Decorate the card as desired, and use an additional piece of cardstock to make your front piece, which can be any shape or size, depending on your sentiment or image.  Center the front piece on the card, but be careful to glue it only to the top panel of the card.  Be sure your inside sentiment is hidden completely by the front piece.  You’re done!

I hope you enjoy making this card for your next gift card occasion.  If you need any of the materials used, clicking Visit My Site will take you to my store. Thanks for stopping by, and comment or add pics of your own if you like.

Happy stamping!


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